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Chris Lightfoot, 1978–2007

I guess it’s time to try to write the blog post I’ve been avoiding for most of a month now.

Chris LightfootChris Lightfoot was found dead in his Cambridge flat on February 11, 2007 after taking his own life, having battled with depression.

Whilst most people reading my blog won’t recognise his name, they may well know some of the things he did. Chris was a polymath, involved with both mySociety (of which I’m a director) and NO2ID (of which I’m a volunteer staff member). He put together some great websites and projects, a list of which doesn’t do him justice, but which includes:

As Tom posted several years ago on VoxPolitics, Chris really was a “one-man think tank” and will be sorely missed — not just by those of us who knew him, but by British politics more generally.

The Internet was enriched by your presence, Chris, and is impoverished by your departure. Rest in Peace, friend.

Chris’s South Park character Links to other obituaries include:

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